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What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research involves the study of an investigational drug or treatment regimen to determine its safety and effectiveness in the treatment of a given medical condition 
Benefits of participating in Clinical Research:
  • ​Free access to new treatments that are not yet offered on the market
  • Medically guided care under close supervision of a medical doctor and team
  • Participation in clinical trials is at NO COST to patients and no insurance is required
  • Direct contribution to the growth and advancement of medicine!!!
Can I participate in a Clinical Trial?
Absolutely! Take a look at our Currently Enrolling Studies and call us at 832-929-6221.  Our team at the Houston Center for Clinical Research takes care to notify you of any known risks related to the study prior to your enrollment.  
Where do I sign up?
​If you are or know anybody interested in learning more about the studies below, please fill out your information in the "Contact Us" section and we will reach out to you!
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