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What is a Clinical Study?

A clinical study is a research project that uses human subjects (also known as volunteers or study participants) with the aim to further understand medical treatments by the use of these treatments over a period of time and by monitoring the patients taking them to collect data.

Clinical trials have two main types, interventional studies, and observational studies. Both observational and interventional research can be used to create safer, more effective treatments. Clinical Studies have 4 Phases. Phase 1 is the first time the medication is used with human participants, and often done in a closed setting such as a hospital or a research center and with healthy participants only. Phase 2 - 4 are completed once this initial testing is complete and shown to be safe for further testing, these are the trials we choose to offer at Houston Center for Clinical Research.

Our website lists the trials we are currently conducting in our office. If interested in other types of trails, that we do not offer at this time, these can be found on several sites to include and Sites like these can lead you to trials for specific indications and sites closer to you location.


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